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Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Standing up for the first time in front of other business owners or an audience can be a daunting prospect.

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Secretarial Trainee to No 10….and a pair of shoes

This week I was invited to visit No 10 Downing Street, to represent the Warwickshire & Coventry branch of the FSB, as a woman in business, to meet with the Government's advisers to talk about diversity and to encourage more women entrepreneurs to start up their own business.


Do Business Breakfasts prejudice Women in Business?

Before I ruffle a few feathers, I should say that I am not a great advocate of business breakfasts, largely because they occur at an untimely hour and disrupt my day. Additionally, I do not eat bacon baps or "batches" (if you live where I do), nor do I eat cooked breakfasts, except on very… Continue reading Do Business Breakfasts prejudice Women in Business?