The PACT…Week 4

Can you see the difference…I have a waist!!

EoF Week 4This was always going to be tough with the number of business lunches, dinners and family events during December.  It all began on 27th November with my first Christmas lunch.  However, I made wise choices and remained alcohol free.

However, I did make the decision to have designated days when I would enjoy the Christmas “Spirit“.  These days were identified in advance and I made sure that I planned ahead with healthy food choices, wherever possible.

I also planned ahead with my shopping and experimented with more cooking.  I have now incorporated butternut squash, chickpeas and spinach into a lovely and healthy home-made curry. I also experiment with stuffed peppers, mushrooms and a range of vegetables and home-made sauces.

I am still noticing the difference and with every session there is an improvement in my fitness and capability.

I volunteer at Park run every Saturday and with the next step in my fitness, I have offered to be a “tail runner” in January.  This will enable me to complete the whole 5k circuit in the slowest time but continue to support Park run in my volunteer role.  One of my goals is to run 5k, but that will depend on the ankle!

I am undertaking The PACT with Evolution of Fitness Coventry. For further details please contact Jase Robinson and his team. You can also follow their page on Facebook


The PACT…Week 3

I’ve just completed Week 3 and have 3 amazing achievements:

  1. Managed a complete step up – now you have to appreciate that with my bad ankle simple things have been quite difficult. When Jase first asked me to step up, I could barely hold my weight on one leg.  So this is a huge milestone for me.
  2. Managed half a proper press up position – this may sound pathetic to some, but my upper body strength has always been poor.  Lifting my body into anything that resembles a press up takes huge effort. However, each week I have noticed that I can hold myself up for longer and I am hopeful of reaching one of my goals soon…to do a full proper press up.
  3. My belly button has risen 3 inches up my stomach – you may laugh! When we took my first waist measurement, Jase asked me to place the tape on my belly button.  Well on the basis that it was at hip level, we decided to measure the bit that went in for my waist. However, after only 3 weeks of training, my belly button has reached its rightful place…at waist height…amazing.  I can actually see the improvement. I am also naturally sitting and standing with my stomach pulled in…as I now have stomach muscles.

In just a short space of time, I am really starting to notice the benefits.

The next 2 weeks are going to be really hard with Christmas and New Year approaching.  I knew at the start of this campaign that there would going to have to be a few nights off…but it’s all in my plan.


I am undertaking The PACT with Evolution of Fitness Coventry. For further details please contact Jase Robinson and his team. You can also follow their page on Facebook

The PACT…Week 2

I found myself actually looking forward to Week 2.

I am already noticing the difference and was amazed to see that I was already 7 lbs lighter on the scales!  However, for me, this isn’t about the scales…it’s about fitting into my clothes.  It’s irrelevant what I weigh, I just want to look and feel better and be able to get into my dresses that are currently hanging redundant in my wardrobe.

EoF 3

What I am loving about my 3 weekly sessions is that each one is different.  When I start an exercise or mini circuit I think I can’t do it.  After the first few seconds, I realise I can and with Jase’s encouragement, I exceed my own expectations.

The ankle is giving me some difficulty but Jase just tailors the exercise to suit my physical restrictions and finds another way or working those muscles.

What I am amazed at is that a certain exercise looks to be quite gentle and toning but in actual fact, I am out of breadth at the end of it which means I am working on my cardio too.

I even remembered how to skip this week and after bumbling around with the rope for a few minutes, I realised that I could do it.

I am still alcohol free and I’m experimenting with my cooking skills.  I love hot and spicy food so I’m incorporating chillies and lots of vegetables into my cooking.  I feel full and satisfied and I am enjoying the fruits of my labour.


The PACT…Week 1

So why did I decide to embark on a health and fitness campaign in late November?

Many people have asked why I didn’t wait until the New Year.  In fact, I knew that I had to be in the right frame of mind and to really want to do this for myself and no-one else.  Additionally, if I had waited, I would have probably been a stone heavier after the Christmas period.

So bravely, I joined up to The PACT at Evolution of Fitness and also made a pact with myself to get Healthy, Fit and to lose some of my excess baggage.The PACT

I felt very apprehensive, nervous and wondered what I was letting myself in for.  I knew from discussing the programme with Jase that this would be tailored to my current level of fitness….zero, and the fact that I had an ankle injury.  My knees don’t work that well and my balance is awful.  I have no upper body stength and I am several stone overweight.  In fact, I would be out of breadth at the top of a short flight of stairs.

During Week 1 I had an assessment, discussed my personal goals and had my stats done. I can’t believe that I have let myself go to this extent.  I was annoyed with myself and fortunately, this made me determined to succeed. I also made the decision to cut out alcohol for the first 4 weeks and to change my eating habits.

Week 1 wasn’t easy and it was a bit of a shock to the system.  I could hardly walk or sit and I felt my muscles ache in places I never imagined.  What this showed me was that I wasn’t using these muscles and also just how unfit and immobile my body was.

I’m actually looking forward to Week 2.  Only another 12 weeks to go!!

I am undertaking The PACT with Evolution of Fitness Coventry. For further details please contact Jase Robinson and his team. You can also follow their page on Facebook