It’s official! I’m very excited to be a contestant in ‘Strictly Christmas’ in aid of Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice

This is the start of a huge personal challenge for me having recovered from a badly broken ankle last year.  Little did I know that I would spend 6 months on crutches, gain over 2 stone in weight and face almost 18 months of pain, coupled with the inability to walk properly.

30 days ago I started my own personal #90DayChallenge to fitness. Over the last 30 days I have been walking almost every day and, although I still have some pain, I can now easily walk 5k (in trainers).

The next 60 days are all about preparation for the intense training for Strictly Christmas. I will be eating healthy and my gym visits will be less about chatting, eating and drinking coffee and more about actually entering the gym to do a workout. The dance training commences in early October.

So why Strictly Christmas? Basically, I am a supporter of Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in Coventry. I help through a variety of local business activities to raise vital funds each year for the charity. However, I wanted to do something personally and this seemed a great way to do it. The event is organised by a group of volunteers and I am one of 20 contestants taking part. Tickets are already on sale for the evening show on 9th December and the lunchtime event on 10th December.

I’ve always wanted to be able to glide effortlessly across a dance floor…Strictly style. In my head I’m the most amazing dancer with great rhythm and footwork, usually after a few glasses of wine! However, the harsh reality is that I  leave a trail of trodden toes, stumbles and I’m sure that I resemble an elephant with two left feet. Quite simply, I can strut my stuff on my own but put me with a partner and it all goes to pieces. I can’t wait to meet my dancing partner…I hope he has the patience of a saint and protective footwear!

I will be posting regular updates about my progress and you can support me via my JustGiving page

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