Life on crutches…and my Health & Fitness campaign

It was 5 weeks ago that I broke my ankle, had an operation to fix it and my fitness journey stalled!  So did my weight loss.  Since then, I have had to keep my leg elevated most of the time and can only get around on crutches.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gained any weight…I have just stalled.

I have been reading around weight loss and found that it is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I suppose I am getting some exercise, hauling my excess pounds around on my crutches.  My arms are definitely toning up. However, I haven’t really addressed the diet issue full on.

So here goes…the healthy eating regime begins again in earnest and I have set a goal.  Well actually, I have set two goals.  My son gets married this summer so my goals are:

  1. To be the weight and size I choose by 31st May 2016.  (This will allow me to choose and wear an outfit I feel great in); and
  2. To make my ankle strong enough, through physiotherapy and exercise, to wear heels (at least for part of the day) at the Wedding.

Healthy Eating

I have made a list of all the foods that I know will make a difference, to speed up my metabolism and ensure my insulin levels remain constant.  Now to attempt a shopping trip!


I make sure I get up and move, at least once every hour.  I have also developed some armchair exercises, some aerobic and toning ones too.  It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube.  I will start swimming soon but I am not mobile enough yet to get in and out of a pool.

Week 1 of the new regime to follow…


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