The PACT…Week 7

Getting back into the flow again after a short break was a little daunting, especially as I may have undone a little of the good work and battled a stomach virus. But on with the plan…

Even if I slip a little, I make sure that I don’t just give up and treat each day as a fresh day.

Saturday this week is a milestone for me as I have volunteered to be “Tail Runner” at Parkrun.  This means I HAVE to complete the 5k circuit and I MUST keep up with the slowest runner.  It means I WILL have to run, at least part of the course.

I’m really going to focus on the food during January.  I need to ensure that I’m eating enough protein and that my portion sizes reduce a little as I know I can eat to excess…I always clear my plate.

My philosophy at the moment is simply to eat healthy and …move more.

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