New Year, New Goals…Will you achieve them?

This is often a time of year for reflection.  We set goals for the year ahead, personal and business, and see the New Year as a fresh start. For some this may just be a bullet point list of non specific dreams but for others, these will be important milestones and targets.

However, I truly believe that before you plan ahead, it is valuable to look back and reflect on past achievements.  By looking at what you have achieved to date, however small, and where you are now, it is easier to look forward to see where you are going in the future. It can be surprising how many things you have achieved, that you may have forgotten that will assist you in reaching your future goals.

So how do you set goals and achieve them?

I see goals as a destination.  How and when I achieve them is set out on a detailed roadmap of the journey I intend to take.  I can only equate this to travel, something I love.

Would you set off in your car for France without looking at where you were going?  Probably not.  You would look at your destination (your goal) and set out a plan for your journey on how and when you are going to get there.  In all likelihood you would start with a budget. You may find a hotel and book a room with an estimated time of arrival and plan your travel ie by car, plane or train.  You may even book a ferry crossing.  You would then pack a bag, plan your route, ensure you had Euros, Insurance, Passport and tickets, fuel for the car and identify any stops you may wish to make to break your journey.

The detail we set out when planning a holiday is often not transferred to when we set our goals and aspirations.  We frequently set the goal but omit the detail about our journey regarding how and when we are going to reach our destination. We fail to plan and wonder why we are not achieving our goals.

So when setting your goals, reflect, plan your journey and ensure that you build in sufficient detail around each goal to ensure your success in getting there.

Remember…there are no rules…although research has shown that if you write your goals down, you are more likely to achieve them. I set goals continuously throughout the year and most importantly, I write them down, have a detailed plan and regularly check my progress.

Best wishes for the New Year and achieving the goals you set.

Sandra Garlick is a Business Consultant, Business Mentor and Public Speaker. Sandra will be speaking about “Networking for Success” at the B2B Expo at The Belgrade, Coventry on 12th January. Entry is free…register here.

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