The PACT…Weeks 5 & 6

I have combined my updates for Christmas and New Year weeks as training has been limited and the festive season is here.

I knew this was going to be difficult.  However, I remain committed on non social days…walking where I can, doing short bursts of exercise at home and attending my sessions, albeit on a limited basis.

That said, I am still firmly of the belief that if I hadn’t embarked upon this journey with Evolution of Fitness in November, I would be at least 5 weeks behind where I am now.

My ankle is holding up well…the knees ache occasionally but I simply tell Jase when things don’t work and he adapts the exercise or circuit.  I don’t tell him but I am actually enjoying some of the exercises and looking forward to my sessions.

So the New Year is a time to reflect on what I have achieved over the last 5/6 weeks and step up a gear to achieve my goals:

  1. To run 5K without stopping;
  2. To fit into my wardrobe of dresses; and
  3. To feel amazing on my son’s wedding day in July 2016.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and success in your own fitness journey.

I am undertaking The PACT with Evolution of Fitness Coventry. For further details please contact Jase Robinson and his team. You can also follow their page on Facebook

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