The PACT…Week 4

Can you see the difference…I have a waist!!

EoF Week 4This was always going to be tough with the number of business lunches, dinners and family events during December.  It all began on 27th November with my first Christmas lunch.  However, I made wise choices and remained alcohol free.

However, I did make the decision to have designated days when I would enjoy the Christmas “Spirit“.  These days were identified in advance and I made sure that I planned ahead with healthy food choices, wherever possible.

I also planned ahead with my shopping and experimented with more cooking.  I have now incorporated butternut squash, chickpeas and spinach into a lovely and healthy home-made curry. I also experiment with stuffed peppers, mushrooms and a range of vegetables and home-made sauces.

I am still noticing the difference and with every session there is an improvement in my fitness and capability.

I volunteer at Park run every Saturday and with the next step in my fitness, I have offered to be a “tail runner” in January.  This will enable me to complete the whole 5k circuit in the slowest time but continue to support Park run in my volunteer role.  One of my goals is to run 5k, but that will depend on the ankle!

I am undertaking The PACT with Evolution of Fitness Coventry. For further details please contact Jase Robinson and his team. You can also follow their page on Facebook


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