The PACT…Week 3

I’ve just completed Week 3 and have 3 amazing achievements:

  1. Managed a complete step up – now you have to appreciate that with my bad ankle simple things have been quite difficult. When Jase first asked me to step up, I could barely hold my weight on one leg.  So this is a huge milestone for me.
  2. Managed half a proper press up position – this may sound pathetic to some, but my upper body strength has always been poor.  Lifting my body into anything that resembles a press up takes huge effort. However, each week I have noticed that I can hold myself up for longer and I am hopeful of reaching one of my goals soon…to do a full proper press up.
  3. My belly button has risen 3 inches up my stomach – you may laugh! When we took my first waist measurement, Jase asked me to place the tape on my belly button.  Well on the basis that it was at hip level, we decided to measure the bit that went in for my waist. However, after only 3 weeks of training, my belly button has reached its rightful place…at waist height…amazing.  I can actually see the improvement. I am also naturally sitting and standing with my stomach pulled in…as I now have stomach muscles.

In just a short space of time, I am really starting to notice the benefits.

The next 2 weeks are going to be really hard with Christmas and New Year approaching.  I knew at the start of this campaign that there would going to have to be a few nights off…but it’s all in my plan.


I am undertaking The PACT with Evolution of Fitness Coventry. For further details please contact Jase Robinson and his team. You can also follow their page on Facebook

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