The PACT…Week 2

I found myself actually looking forward to Week 2.

I am already noticing the difference and was amazed to see that I was already 7 lbs lighter on the scales!  However, for me, this isn’t about the scales…it’s about fitting into my clothes.  It’s irrelevant what I weigh, I just want to look and feel better and be able to get into my dresses that are currently hanging redundant in my wardrobe.

EoF 3

What I am loving about my 3 weekly sessions is that each one is different.  When I start an exercise or mini circuit I think I can’t do it.  After the first few seconds, I realise I can and with Jase’s encouragement, I exceed my own expectations.

The ankle is giving me some difficulty but Jase just tailors the exercise to suit my physical restrictions and finds another way or working those muscles.

What I am amazed at is that a certain exercise looks to be quite gentle and toning but in actual fact, I am out of breadth at the end of it which means I am working on my cardio too.

I even remembered how to skip this week and after bumbling around with the rope for a few minutes, I realised that I could do it.

I am still alcohol free and I’m experimenting with my cooking skills.  I love hot and spicy food so I’m incorporating chillies and lots of vegetables into my cooking.  I feel full and satisfied and I am enjoying the fruits of my labour.


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