The PACT…Week 1

So why did I decide to embark on a health and fitness campaign in late November?

Many people have asked why I didn’t wait until the New Year.  In fact, I knew that I had to be in the right frame of mind and to really want to do this for myself and no-one else.  Additionally, if I had waited, I would have probably been a stone heavier after the Christmas period.

So bravely, I joined up to The PACT at Evolution of Fitness and also made a pact with myself to get Healthy, Fit and to lose some of my excess baggage.The PACT

I felt very apprehensive, nervous and wondered what I was letting myself in for.  I knew from discussing the programme with Jase that this would be tailored to my current level of fitness….zero, and the fact that I had an ankle injury.  My knees don’t work that well and my balance is awful.  I have no upper body stength and I am several stone overweight.  In fact, I would be out of breadth at the top of a short flight of stairs.

During Week 1 I had an assessment, discussed my personal goals and had my stats done. I can’t believe that I have let myself go to this extent.  I was annoyed with myself and fortunately, this made me determined to succeed. I also made the decision to cut out alcohol for the first 4 weeks and to change my eating habits.

Week 1 wasn’t easy and it was a bit of a shock to the system.  I could hardly walk or sit and I felt my muscles ache in places I never imagined.  What this showed me was that I wasn’t using these muscles and also just how unfit and immobile my body was.

I’m actually looking forward to Week 2.  Only another 12 weeks to go!!

I am undertaking The PACT with Evolution of Fitness Coventry. For further details please contact Jase Robinson and his team. You can also follow their page on Facebook

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