Delighted to be the “Coffee with…” Feature in Business Success Magazine

Not only was I delighted to be the “Coffee with…” feature in the latest edition of Business Success Magazine, I am also on the cover!

When someone asks you how did you get where you are today, it really makes you realise that all the achievements and skills, the highs, the lows and everything you have done to date makes you who you are today.

Each and every job, skill, knock back and celebration along your journey is valuable experience in the role you do now. Just think back to what you have learned in the past, the wealth of knowledge you have acquired over the years and the transferable skills that brings.

That’s what I have gained from this experience. I already draw from the past and bring that knowledge into the work I do with my clients now. However, actually answering the questions for the “Coffee with…” feature has rewarded me in other ways too. I have recalled skills I had long forgotten and it has inspired me to develop the #90DayBusinessMentor Programme. After all, every business and project I have ever started, I have launched within 90 Days, so it’s a proven concept!

Here is an extract of some of the tips I shared in the feature:

Tip #1:  Write down a business goal. Make it a SMART one and give it a 30-day timescale. Now break it down into small chunks ie manageable tasks you can work on each day. Tick them off as you complete them and feel that sense of achievement once you have achieved the end result.

Tip #2: Think about what you have achieved in your business to date. See if you can write down 30 things you have achieved, one per day. It’s difficult at first, but as you get started the achievements will flow and you may even exceed 30.

Tip #3: Enter yourself or your business for an Award. It could be national or local. The process itself makes you sit down and really think about your achievements to date, where you are now and where you’re going.

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